It was founded in 1987 in 1st industrial site of İzmir by the Aydogan Pehlivan.

In 1992 first gearbox production was started in 4th industrial site of İzmir in 75 square meters shop.  ( Just 7 different sizes A type gearboxes)

In 1994 worm gearbox units were included in production and manufacturing has been increased to 400 square meters.

In 1997 our production was started at our first factory which was 1100 m². By the way, we have started to produce parallel shaft gearbox, shaft gearbox and Pear type gearbox.

In 2000 our first export trades started with Libya and Egypt. In 2001 took a part in our first international fair.

In 2002 Remak Export was established in Syria. In 2004  production of Aluminum Injection worm gearbox has been started. First ES50 body was produced .

In 2005 With first grinding machines, the quality had significantly increase. In 2008 Factory was expanded to 2200 square meters so that own bronze and aluminum foundry put into service.

In 2009 The result of investments, More-Seiki horizontal processing unit was activated and it provided 30% increase in daily production. Quality control department and 2D- 3D measurement devices has been strengthened with the projection measuring devices.

In 2011 Entered into the production of  agricultural, agricultural machinery and breeding gearboxes.

In 2012 Vertical shafted Feed Mixer Rotavator and Silage Machine gearbox started to produce.

In 2014 The investment for new factory which has 10.000 metres square open air and 5.000 meters square indoor spaces.

In 2015 Plant investment was completed and moved to Kemelpasa Organized Industrial Zone. That same year, the investment for Aluminum shaft type Gearbox was completed and started to producing.