Industry Applications
A) Packaging Machinery: For packaging machines, Helical Worm Shaft Type and for extruder , Type K gearboxes are used. 

B) Construction Vehicles And Construction Equipment: In this sector, Worm Helical Shaft type Gearboxes and RMT & RT type Gearboxes are preferred. 
C) Heating And Cooling: In our offer solutions, Worm Screw Helix Gearboxes, Low Speed Aluminum Injection  Shaft type gearboxes and A type Gearboxes are preferred. 

D) Removal, Transport And Transport Systems: Parallel shaft gearboxes are used for lifting and heavy duty. Worm and Aluminum Injection Shaft Type reducers are also used in walking. The RMT and RT gearboxes are used in conveyor and transport. 

E) Agriculture And Feeding Machinery: For the collection and processing of soil processed products, Worm Shaft Type is used also we produce 11 different types of gearboxes for this sector. We offer specific products  for cattle and sheep, greenhouses and feed screw. 

F) Cleaning And Chemical Industry: In this sector, Worm Helical Flange and RMT with Parallel Shaft gearboxes are offered. 

G) Food Industry Machinery: The food industry processing machines, especially mixed dough, bread making are available solutions for small type conveyors. For the domestic meat processing Worm Gear units are producing. According to the area to use, special types of solutions are also provided. 

H) Vegetables, Fruits And Food Processing Machinery: For this sector, such as citrus, fruit processing, olives, tea processing Worm Helical Gearboxes are prodeced. For the fishery sector, can be served by the field is to be used with custom made gear units. 

I) Transport And Maritime Sector: Swing and winch gearboxes are produced for this sector. We can provide special solutions for trawl aggregation and trestle grinding with wheels hydromotor gearboxes. Pool pull reducer is another solutions that we offer to the industry.